Whether you have a large corporate operation or a small family farm, Watertronics can design and build pumping systems that save you water, power and time. By improving efficiency and reliability, you can expect lower utility bills and reduced down time.


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control technology automatically adjusts pump speed to match your irrigation system demand.  Compared to fixed speed pump control, highly-efficient VFD technology delivers precise pressure regulation, extending the life of your system by eliminating line surges and water hammer. Case studies have shown that adding a VFD to a typical pump station can reduce energy costs by up to 25% and often qualify for local utility rebates.


Top 20 advantages to powering a pump or fan motor with a Variable Frequency Drive...

1. Regulates pressure at varying flow

2. Converts single phase to three phase power

3. Eliminates need for power line installation to bring in 3-phase power

4. Provides precise speed control of an AC motor

5. Generates full torque from the motor at very low speed

6. Allows simple setpoint control throughout the speed range

7. Protects the motor and wiring from overload currents

8. Provides built in Power Factor correction

9. Highly efficient – 97% minimum

10. Limits in-rush current at start-up (Power Companies will love this one!)

11. Adjustable soft-starting (acceleration time)

12. Adjustable soft stop (deceleration time)

13. Protects mechanical equipment/piping by eliminating water hammer

14. Allows a simple connection to a communications network

15. Provides substantial energy savings on pump and fan applications

16. Automatic restart after instantaneous power loss or failure

17. Power failure-time deceleration-to-stop function

18. No power used during “off” time

19. Electronic thermal overload relay

20. Energy saving operation and energy saving monitor